The following products and coaching packages are designed with your individual needs as a parent in mind.  It is my sincere hope that these products and services will bring about a confidence and belief in the "parenting without punishment" philosophy for your family, which in turn will translate into better behaviors from your children, which means a more peaceful home and a stronger bond between you.  
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Discipline That Bonds CD
"Discipline That Bonds: Transforming Behaviors Through Non-Punitive Parenting" double CD
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This live parent-coaching session will help you get started in your journey to learning how to manage any misbehavior in non-punitive ways. Transform your thinking about discipline and punishment in just a couple of hours by listening as Child Behavior Consultant Lesley-Anne Siegel "deconditions" real parents away from the idea of punishing children, with the goal of helping you improve any misbehavior without time-outs, threats, grounding, yelling, nagging, and revoking privileges. Tools to help you get started are included. This audio training is applicable for parents of toddlers up to teens. Learn about: the 9 reasons you aren't getting what you think you're getting when you punish; the 3 physiological reasons punishment will never work the way you hope; why children really misbehave; some tools to help you get started. Length is 2hrs 35 minutes.
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