Here are the different ways parents can receive help:

1. Purchase a live coaching session on double CD and learn as you listen to me coach real parents. CD's are available through 
My Store .  More topics coming soon!

2. You can personalize what you've learned in the CD's by purchasing private phone-coaching in the amount of your choice also through My Store, a great way to change your thinking about discipline, get some beginning tools, and personalize what you've learned to your family, all in one package. 

3. Phone-coaching can be purchased as well without purchasing the CD in the amount of hours of your choice and can be used as needed. This is another way to receive a very personalized service and get concrete tools for challenging behaviors you are experiencing in your home.  

4. For parents living in the Montreal area who wish for the most personalized service available, you can call me directly for a free phone consultation in order to discuss the plan that is right for you and your family. If you choose the in-home coaching service to help get you on track with your children's behaviors, you will receive:

  • in-home observations of your children and family
  • custom-designed questionnaires that provide me with valuable information which help me tailor your training and make it completely relevant to your unique needs
  • the option of in-home visits with your children to give them tools/strategies through play
  • the option of in-school/daycare observations to gain insight into behaviors

Prices for this in-home coaching service are provided in your free phone consultation, as they vary greatly from one family to the next depending on a variety of factors.

If you have any questions please call me directly at 514-232-7773 or e-mail me at