Discipline That Bonds cd product review

"This 2 hr 35 min double CD is a live parent-coaching session that helps get you started in your journey to learning how to manage any misbehavior in non-punitive ways.  I was impressed with the ideas and felt motivated to incorporate them into my parenting techniques. 

I loved that the CD wasn't a lecture, but a discussion between Lesley-Anne and parents. It was great to be able to have Lesley-Anne present an idea and then to actually have someone ask questions or comment about that idea which helps to give the audience a better understanding. 

I also liked how I was given specific tools to get me started. The CD wasn't just introducing a concept and then asking you to buy something else to get started. You are given specific tools to start right away.

A few other things presented on the CD's are: 9 reasons you aren't getting what you think you're getting when you punish; the 3 physiological reasons punishment will never work the way you hope; why children really misbehave; and more.

Lesley-Anne is amazing and her coaching is impressive and done with love. She also offers several various services which include; phone-coaching, private in-home coaching, and workshops/speaking engagements for teachers and parents.
Overall, I was very impressed with the concepts and ideas taught by Lesley-Anne and have already started to make appropriate changes in my parenting style which has definitely brought more peace into my home and has even improved my and my husband's relationship with our son.

I would highly recommend Lesley-Anne's products and services to anyone wanting to create happier, better behaved children, while also raising self-esteem, a sense of dignity and value, and increase your children's abilities to control their own behaviors.  Enjoy!"

Miranda Haymore