How I Help Teachers of Daycares, Preschools, and Elementary Schools

Many teachers these days are faced with behavioral issues and challenges in their classrooms that are not only taking away precious time and energy needed for teaching, but their enjoyment of the teaching experience becomes compromised as well.  Furthermore, when one or more of these challenges exists in a classroom, all of the children are negatively affected, including the "innocent bystanders".  My goal is to improve such situations in the actual classroom, so that teachers can spend more time teaching (and feel better doing so) and less time disciplining, thereby improving all of the childrens' educational and emotional experiences while in the classroom. 

It is my belief that the classroom should be one that is fun, relaxing, pressure-free, and nurturing, and that is a very difficult task for any teacher to accomplish when behavioral challenges exist in that classroom. 

There are two ways in which you can benefit from my non-punitive discipline solutions:

#1 -- Offering Childhood Matters parenting workshops to your parent population in the school or daycare itself, with the goal of helping them to improve their parenting skills in the home, something that helps improve behaviors in the classroom. Choose from those already listed here or work with me to custom-create your own.

#2 -- Engaging me as the Child Behavior Consultant for your particular school or daycare. Beginning with a free consultation, I collaborate with you the educator so as to provide you with the most personalized plan possible for your classroom, daycare or school.  

Some facilities may choose to have me in their classrooms on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, or some may prefer even monthly visits, for a predetermined number of hours per visit.  In this way, you are ensured that I am familiar with the children, teachers, and dynamics of the classroom, and work more in a "preventative" fashion by giving the teachers tools and strategies when needed. I am also then better able to help the parents in your facility should questions or concerns arise regarding children's behaviors.

I pride myself on being able to think "outside the box", and always strive to come up with highly progressive, creative and unique ideas that are easy for teachers to implement. 
Assessment materials are provided to help directors and teachers assess themselves periodically after any training has been given, in order to ensure continuous application of  all learned strategies.