How a "Childhood Matters-Trained" Nanny Benefits Your Family

  • Improves Morale and Confidence: Attending our workshops is an educational experience, but it is also a fun, motivational, and interactive one.  Caregivers will enjoy the opportunities for sharing their experiences, difficulties, concerns and rewards when working with children, and will benefit from each other's as well as my own.  This training also improves morale because it sends the message that you the parent value your nanny's place in your family, as well as her relationship with your child.  Another result of attending this training is increased levels of confidence and effectiveness for your nanny, which naturally results in better care for your child.

  • Skill-Building and Professional Development: Having Childhood Matters train your nanny means that you are providing continuous on-the-job education for your child's caregiver.  Our follow-up forms provided to parents, refresher courses, and follow-up visits to your home make this education of your nanny an on-going process that benefits even the most skilled caregivers, and therefore benefits your child.

  • Facilitates Caregiving: Combining a genuinely caring, loving nanny with an understanding of child development and your specific child, will naturally lead to child behaviors that actually facilitate caregiving.

  • Shows Higher Standards: Employing Childhood Matters to train your nanny creates a higher standard for your caregiver that ultimately means better quality of care for your child.  When a nanny knows more is expected of her, she is more likely to put more effort into the daily caregiving of your child.

  • Decreases Potential for Liability: Having a caregiver who is trained in children's behaviors and development means that she is better-equipped to deal with the many difficult situations that can arise when working with children.  Fully trained nannies are more likely to employ highly-skililed interactions with children, and this greatly decreases the chances of a caregiver behaving inappropriately or possibly "crossing the line" of what is acceptable discipline.

  • True Understanding of Your Child: The nature of the Childhood Matters workshops ensures that your caregiver will develop a true understanding of childhood behaviors, development, and temperaments.  This in turn ensures that your child is in the care of someone who truly understands your child, and is therefore in the best possible care when you are not there.   

  • Responsive and Respectful Caregiving: Providing this training to your caregiver increases the level of responsiveness and respect given to your child by the nanny.  This in turn creates happier and healthier children, as well as closer relationships between your child and his/her caregiver, something that is crucial to the development of trust and self-esteem in all children.

  • Providing Knowledge: My workshops provide your nanny with education that will help her be more consistent, positive, understanding, patient and nurturing in times of difficulty, for example sibling rivalry, tantrums, aggression, peer conflicts, defiance, etc... This more consistent, calm and nurturing behavior from the caregiver is highly beneficial to the development of children, creating feelings of security and safety.  This in turn creates happier and healthier children.

  • Creates a Positive Emotional Environment: Having your nanny trained by me ensures an emotional environment for your child that more closely matches the one created by you, the parent.  It is comforting to know that when you are not there, your child is being cared for in a manner that is similar to and consistent with that which you provide for your child.

    My private coaching service can also be used for your caregiver as an alternative to group workshops, and can be purchased by clicking here and ordering the coaching package of your choice.