How Hiring Me Benefits Your Business

  • Improves Your Word-of-Mouth References: Parents talking to one another about their children's extra-curricular activities, schools, camps, etc... is one of your most powerful marketing tools.  Hearing that staff members are professionally trained in child behaviors and development gives parents the sense of security they need when leaving their children in someone else's care.  This gives them a very big reason to choose your facility over those of your competition.

  • Improves the Child's Experience: Having your staff specially trained in the Childhood Matters philosophy means you are increasing their knowledge and awareness of child-related issues, behaviors and development .  You are also increasing their repertoire of appropriate strategies and tools that can be used every day with the children in their care, which are the most effective and progressive methods used today.  Increasing your staff's knowledge, awareness, and "arsenal" of tools means better abilities and effectiveness when dealing with children, and this in turn improves each child's experience in your center.  Improved experiences means a greater likelihood of returning clients.

  • Helps Advertising Stand Out: Advertising that your staff is trained by a child behavior professional can be an "eye-catcher", and therefore increases the likelihood that parents will notice your ad over others.

  • Skill-Building and Professional Development: Having Childhood Matters at your center means that you are providing continuous on-the-job education for your staff. My follow-up forms provided to owners, refresher courses, and follow-up visits to your center make this education of your staff an on-going process that benefits even the most skilled staff members.

  • Decreases Potential for Liability: Having your staff members trained by Childhood Matters means that the people who work for you are better-equipped to deal with the many difficult situations that can arise when working with children.  Fully-trained staff are more likely to employ highly-skilled interactions with children, and this greatly decreases the chances of a staff member behaving inappropriately or possibly "crossing the line" of what is acceptable discipline.

  • Shows Higher Standards: Employing Childhood Matters for staff-training differentiates you from your competition by showing that you have exceedingly high standards for your staff.  Parents are comforted by this as it shows a high degree of professionalism and care.

  • Demonstrates Care for Children: Any child-oriented facility that invests the time and money needed to train staff is demonstrating to existing and potential clients a deep caring for the well-being and happiness of the children attending your center.  Not only does this impress parents, it also makes them feel more secure about leaving their children with your staff.  This high level of caring is a big motivator for parents when choosing a center or program of any kind for their children.

  • Improves Staff Morale: Attending the Childhood Matters workshops is an educational experience, but it is also a fun, motivational, and interactive one.  Your staff will enjoy the opportunities for sharing their experiences, difficulties,concerns, and rewards when working with children, and will benefit from each other's as well as my own.  This training also improves staff morale because it sends the message that you as the owner value what they do on a day-to-day basis, in addition to valuing the experiences of the children.

  • Everyone Can Benefit: Even if you already employ staff who have training or education such as an Early Childhood Education degree, for example, Childhood Matters workshops can still be a great asset to your organization.  The observation process, combined with custom-designed parent, child and staff feedback forms, allow me to get a complete picture of your organization.  This allows me to create workshops that are tailor-made specifically for your center, which in turn will create a fully client-centric operation with the child as your client at the forefront. 

 What is the Process?

The first step in hiring me for your center is simply to request a free consultation, which allows me to get a full understanding of how your business operates, and what your unique needs are regarding training.  After the consultation, workshops are decided upon together, which are guided by my recommendations.

Additional Services

In addition to or instead of workshops, your business may benefit from the following services:

  • one-on-one staff coaching

  • observations of exceptionally challenging behaviors 

  • customized, tailored feedback and tools based specifically on the observations

  • emergency phone help or spot visits for difficult situations arising due to challenging behaviors

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