A fun and interactive 2-part parenting workshop on disciplining your child without punishment

Eat, laugh and have fun with Montreal behaviour consultant Lesley-Anne Siegel, B.A., M.A., while learning how to discipline WITHOUT yelling, repeating, time-outs, revoking privileges and toys, threatening, grounding, spanking, and even counting to 3. 

PART I 1-3pm: Understanding the No-Punishment Philosophy 

Here we explore the 13 reasons punishment does not work in getting you what you really want for your kids.  This portion of the workshop helps you to understand and look at discipline in a completely different light by exmaining why punishment is not effective in getting desirable behaviours.

PART II 3-5pm: So Then What Do I Do Instead? The Solutions 

Learn how to figure out why your child is really misbehaving, and receive tools and strategies to help you get started on your non-punitive journey. This part focuses on how to address misbehaviours in non-punitive ways that are gentle and loving yet firm and effective.

DATE: September 18th 2022

TIME: 1-5pm

COST: 300$ per person, 500$ per couple

Prices include tax, handouts, and refreshments.

LOCATION: Dollard des Ormeaux in the West Island


To reserve your space call:
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