Positive Solutions for Children's Behaviors



Are you experiencing challenges with discipline or other issues with your children? Do you need more tools to help you manage your classroom?  Or are you simply looking to fine-tune and improve on what you're already doing in order to get the best possible behaviour results in your family or classroom?  Childhood Matters provides you with personalized and always-positive techniques to manage virtually any behaviour.  While I am dedicated to helping parents and teachers manage childrens' challenging behaviors, my greatest passion lies in teaching them how to do this in a completely non-punitive way. 

It is through my no-punishment discipline solutions that you will find answers to virtually any behavior challenge, and your solutions are guaranteed to NOT include any of the following:


  • nagging/repeating
  • power struggles
  • arguing
  • yelling
  • threatening
  • grounding
  • counting to 3
  • time-outs
  • revoking privileges or belongings
  • penalty-type punishments (such as writing lines)
  • reward charts/stickers

Frustrations parents and teachers can feel because of children's misbehaviors increases stress for everyone, which in turn increases the chances for more misbehaviors. The solutions I provide inevitably create more peace within your home or classroom, as children naturally respond to these techniques with better behavior. You can improve these and other issues with my non-punitive techniques and tools:
  • non-compliance/outright refusal to listen
  • tantrums/emotional outbursts
  • sibling rivalry
  • mealtime struggles
  • power struggles
  • homework difficulties
  • bedtime/sleep issues
  • verbal/physical aggression
  • difficult behaviors in the classroom
  • rudeness/disrespect/backtalk

While typical discipline methods (such as time-outs, spanking, revoking privileges, grounding) have the effect of increasing anger and misbehavior (while also decreasing trust in children), the methods you will learn from me will actually create a deeper and closer bond with your child. If these non-punitive discipline techniques are maintained, this trust and bond you have with your child will keep you connected to him or her right through those teen years.

Here are a few examples of other challenges I can help with even though they are not considered "misbehaviors":

  • shyness
  • toilet training
  • bossy behaviour
  • low self-esteem
  • separation anxiety
  • high activity level
  • low motivation
  • navigating peer conflicts
  • nightime fears

Please call or e-mail me directly if you have questions about which of my services would be best suited to help you, you will not speak with a representative or salesperson but with me personally.


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